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A Little Love for La Liga ( or Why I Just Can’t Stop Loving Spanish Futbol)

La Liga is a hot mess. I have to accept that. As a child growing up in Texas, it was the game in Spanish. It was a strange, curious, and compelling sport shown on Univision or Telemundo. It was a game where every goal didn’t count. It was a game where 22 men made a … Continue reading

Bring a Medal Home (or U23 Coach Caleb Porter has the US soccer story to watch in 2012)

“Am I saying I want to see them to bring a medal home? I think that would be asking too much if you look at all the teams.”        - Jurgen Klinsmann, US Soccer Senior Team Coach Am I simply too American? Am I too jingoistic? Or am I simply too romantic? Klinsmann’s aforementioned statements about … Continue reading

Elder Statesman? (or Thierry Henry’s Loan to Arsenal Helps No One)

The Daily Mail is alleging that English futbol club Arsenal have finally offered former star Thierry Henry a two-month loan with the hopes that the French legend can inject some much needed firepower into their 2011/2012 Premier League campaign. The question is this: Does a loan of this sort really help anybody? Thierry Henry is … Continue reading

National Squad as Hometown Team? (or The Sound and Fury of Preston Zimmerman)

A hastily scribbled thought in response to @PZimmerman88 and his Twitter rant… The furry from Preston Zimmerman’s Twitter rant was profound. “I thought it would be cool getting Klinsmann as US National team coach, but I think it’s actually worse than when Bradley was coach….”, Zimmerman blasted from his account. This was succeeded by a … Continue reading

Crashing The Box!

Ike Allen, association football essayist, takes on the world’s game from a Yank’s perspective.  News, opinions, and observation that’s refreshing, irreverent, and personal. Brought to you by MUTANT PEEPSHOW!


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